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Who is Ready?

Ready is a community-based care model that places Responders (with backgrounds as EMTs, Paramedics, and MAs) in the home paired with synchronous telehealth providers (Physicians, NPs, PAs), RNs and LCSWs.

This innovative integrated care team empowers rising-risk populations to regain control of their health, re-engage with the healthcare ecosystem, and remain out of higher-cost, higher-acuity care settings.

Our strengths as a community-based provider position us to positively impact several key challenges that compromise patient health today:

Health Equity and Engagement

•   Social, financial, and trust factors among disenfranchised communities have historically been barriers to engagement with the broader healthcare system.

Access to Care

•   Many MCD, Duals, and MCR patients are without a named or attributed PCP or have not seen one in 1+ years.

Unmanaged Patients and Preventable Utilization

•   Unconnected patients are more likely to visit high-cost, high-acuity settings for low-revenue, non-emergent needs.

•   Lack of PCP connection, lower medical literacy, high caregiver strain, and other risk factors post-discharge can result in preventable readmissions.

Diagnosis and Data Capture

•   Incomplete diagnoses, documentation of chronic conditions +SDoH factors among hard-to-reach populations result in:

•   Partial visibility into patient needs

•   More severe complications

•   Higher barriers to effective care planning

•   Lost revenue for health plans / ACOs

Ready’s three distinct care programs are easily tailored to fit your patient population needs:

Ready Bridge Care
Escalation Care
Ready Bridge Care

Empowering rising-risk and high-risk patients to regain control of their health and re-engage with the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Care Solutions:

Ready at Discharge: 30-day post-inpatient readmission reduction program that incorporates evidence-based screening tools to assess clinical, behavioral, and social health while re-engaging patients with their healthcare team.

Community Care: works collaboratively with high-utilizing patients, providers, and health plans to reduce ambulatory care-sensitive acute utilization while improving patients' self-efficacy concerning their health.

reduction in ED utilization*
reduction in total cost of care*
reduction in admissions*

Enabling providers to extend patient care into the home by leveraging our Responders for in-home visits in collaboration with their clinicians and existing care team through our low-cost model.

Care Solutions:

Asynchronous Care Services:

•   POC Testing
Screening Assessments
RPM Onboarding
Vaccinations (availability varies by market)


quality and chronic condition management


engagement strategy for harder to reach populations

Escalation Care

Mobile, on-demand capabilities (diagnostics and therapeutics) for current and former Bridge Care patients aimed at preventing escalation to acute care.

Care Solutions:

On-demand care: Responders visit a patient’s home and set up a virtual visit with a clinician who can provide POC diagnostic testing and non-emergent treatment capabilities.

reduction in ED utilization 42% for patient 65+**
reduction in
ED utilization
42% for patient 65+**
High patient satisfaction
94 NPS

Partner with Ready to improve your patients health and cost outcomes:

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88 NPS
patient satisfaction
average patient rating

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*Data collected from Community Care program launched with national health plan in Nevada
**Data collected from program launched with a major health system in Louisiana.